Legal information

Agio is a group of lawyers whose objective is to practice the legal profession in the broadest sense of the word. The group partners are comprised of both natural persons and private limited companies.

The lawyers employed at Agio are authorised to practice the profession of lawyer within Belgium. They are members of the Antwerp Bar bearing the title of ‘lawyer’ and who exercise their professional activities under the company numbers listed below.

Katrien Crauwels bv bvba (CBE/VAT number 0871.193.226)
Katrien Crauwels
Koen Clonen
Michael Faure (CBE/VAT number 831.358.591)
Lien Coenen (CBE/VAT number 818.394.047)
Thomas De Burchgraeve (CBE/VAT number 840.885.080)
Shana Claes (CBE/VAT number 848.422.970)
Annelies De Coster (CBE/VAT number 0812.422.312)
Laura Germeaux (CBE/VAT number 0561.901.994)

Van den Broecke BVBA (CBE/VAT number 0466.613.154)
Philippe Van den Broecke
Advocaat Axel De Schampheleire BVBA (CBE/VAT number 0811.566.831)
Axel De Schampheleire
Advocaat Peter Baert BVBA (CBE/VAT number 0840.930.513)
Peter Baert
Stefanie Baeten (CBE/VAT number 0812.413.503)
Filip Goddevriendt Van Oyenbrugge BVBA (CBE/VAT number 0873.929.715)
Filip Goddevriendt
Advocatenkantoor Jonathan Himpe BVBA (CBE/VAT number 0698.884.802)
Jonathan Himpe
Caroline Sneyers (CBE/VAT number 0628.874.655)
Schoeters Advocatenkantoor Comm.V (CBE/VAT number 0542.936.021)
Tist Schoeters
Margot Van Looy (CBE/VAT number 0638.820.224)
Laïla Hajji (CBE/VAT number 0642.564.721)
Jasper Janssens (CBE/VAT number 0665.541.546)
Valérie Verbessem (CBE/VAT number 0679.948.026)

A premium insurance policy at SA Amlin Europe, Koning Albert II-Laan 37, 1030 Brussels, Belgium, indemnifies Agio's lawyers against professional risk.

A second and supplemental professional liability policy has been taken out at nv AG Insurance, Avenue Emile Jacqmain 53, 1000 Brussels, Belgium on behalf of Agio’s lawyers.

The insurance policy provides worldwide cover with the exception of the US and Canada.

What do you expect of your law firm? Fair solutions, clear answers and an honest prognosis. Right? You can rest assured that that’s exactly what we expect too.

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