Jonathan Himpe

Jonathan Himpe is a skilled lawyer with special expertise in tax and sports law and is the legal right-hand man of ambitious entrepreneurs and athletes.

Education and experience

Jonathan graduated magna cum laude in law from the University of Antwerp in 2013, afterwards going on to obtain additional degrees in tax law (University of Antwerp, 2014) and international and European economic and corporate law (Maastricht University, 2013).

After five years of running his own firm, Jonathan decided to join Agio in 2019. As an Agio partner, Jonathan heads up the Sports Law Department and manages the Hasselt office. He also provides the Tax Department with support.


Jonathan's primary task is to advise entrepreneurs and athletes on all their legal and tax-related issues. He tries cases at both the traditional courts and tribunals and the Court of Arbitration (for Sport).

In 2018, the UEFA (Union of European Football Associations) appointed Jonathan as one of its ten Pro Bono Counsels. He is also a member of the disciplinary bodies of various sports federations such as the Vlaamse Taekwondo Bond (Flemish Taekwondo Federation) and the Koninklijke Belgische Duivenliefhebbersbond (The Royal Belgian Pigeon Racing Association).

Jonathan continues to be active in higher education, performing research and lecturing for Hasselt University’s Law, Tax & Business Unit.


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