Agio, your lawyer and sympathetic ear

We are professionals with a pronounced set of professional skills. We have years of experience, are thoroughly educated in and have a passion for law. We put this expertise at your disposal – not as a ready-made end product – but as a process we walk through with you.

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What does straightforward language entail?

To us, straightforward language means, first and foremost, that we make clear agreements with you. Your situation receives our full attention and we offer you a realistic perspective.

Pragmatic partnership

We prefer to come straight to the point. You don’t have time to waste on frivolous tangential subjects, and frankly, neither do we. In the end, that means we both benefit from efficiency.

Useful advice

Vague recommendations won’t do you any good. We think along with you until we hit upon a solution that really makes a difference.

We look out for you and listen to your concerns

There are no ready-made solutions where the law is concerned. You can depend on our honesty and an appropriate response to your case.

Clear prices

At Agio we prefer making clear agreements, which includes where money is involved. We mutually decide on how we will work together and what payment method is appropriate: an hourly rate, a fixed budget or a success fee.

Recent activities


Agio accompanied Prosafco with the acquisition of all shares of The Outfit Factory


Agio supervised the Welkin & Meraki capital round


Production house Marmalade saves itself with new investor

What do you expect of your law firm? Fair solutions, clear answers and an honest prognosis. Right? You can rest assured that that’s exactly what we expect too.

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