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Social criminal law

Labour and social security law are chock-a-block with employer obligations. Many of these can be kept well in check by criminal law. However, while it may take no time to commit a violation of social law, it can have major repercussions.

Our team has extensive experience in providing legal aid where violations of social law are concerned. These are often the result of an audit by the social inspectorate in your company or in a place where you work (e.g. on a construction site). There is an abundance of potential infringements of social law. This may include working hours and timetables, failure to report work or undeclared work, breaches of welfare regulations, problems with the timely and correct payment of wages, etc...

As an employee, you also run the risk of becoming a victim of these violations.

Agio knows what to do in these situations and provides you with the assistance you need to get through them. 

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