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Staff Regulations of Officials and disciplinary action

Our team has a wealth of experience in assisting and advising public authorities and staff on legal matters and disciplinary proceedings. Agio Law is proficient in all aspects of government-related employment, to include: local, provincial, Flemish or federal, the education and health sectors, the police force, etc.

Agio assists the authorities in taking and substantiating proper regulatory decisions and provides staff with assistance in defending their interests vis-a-vis the government. This may include disputes concerning position, appointments and promotions, changes to place of employment and reassignment or staff turnover, wages, absences, etc.

In addition, we’ve also built up comprehensive experience in the area of disciplinary proceedings. Where disciplinary cases are involved, a small omission can lead to invalidation of the entire procedure. It’s for this reason that public authorities and staff turn to the specialists at Agio, whose knowledge and experience of the pitfalls of disciplinary law thoroughly equip them to provide good counsel.

Where government, education sector or public force employment is concerned, we are adept and qualified to provide you with advice on any issue. As a result, Agio Law is responsible for supporting public authorities and civil servants on various levels.

We share our expertise, which spans a wide variety of fields & services:

  • (Provision of counsel to) government personnel
  • Government, police force and education sector employment
  • Proceedings at the administrative and judicial courts
  • Proceedings at the Council of State or Appeals Committee for Disciplinary Cases,
  • etc.

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