The importance of a forum selection clause

The devil is in the details. That’s also the case for a forum selection clause, a small clause that often appears in Terms and Conditions and contracts. The forum selection clause defines which court is territorially authorised to preside in the event of a dispute. Doesn’t ring any bells? Keep reading, because it’s to your […]

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The WCO law: what, when and how?

Refuge. Time to take a breath. And prepare a strong plan of action for moving forward. That is what the WCO law—short for ‘Law Concerning the Continuity of Organisations’—offers organisations with financial problems: a chance to adjust, focus and climb out of debt.

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From innocent to flagrant: the abuse of company assets

Every so often, you hear about it on the news: the abuse of company assets. Business heads who have avoided taxes by unfairly hiding private expenses in their company books, or having their personal debts paid by the company. These are clear, flagrant cases of abuse. But what if the cleaning lady who attends to […]

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How does partnership law offer you a way out in the event of a dispute?

We mentioned it in our last article: not everything comes up roses in a partnership. Differences in opinion are one thing, but sometimes a dispute destroys the very foundation of a partnership. Two examples.

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Transparency is a strength

Yes, a law firm can be transparent. Agio even makes it a point of pride. You have the right to clear language, our full attention for the issue you put before us and a realistic perspective at all times.

Clear language? It means clear agreements. Even about money. We think that it’s fair for you to know what you’re paying for. And that we all agree on it. Clarity first and foremost, so that you always know where you stand.

Law firm and business partner

Agio is a company like any other. We are entrepreneurs. We know your day-to-day world. Our legal experts love their job, and you’ll notice this. Their workday is only over when your question is answered.

All our know-how is at your service. And when it’s combined, it’s certainly a lot of knowledge! The Agio team includes specialists and generalists, experienced in the most diverse domains. Together, we go to all lengths for you.

May we give you some good advice?

We like to do that. Day in, day out. With our expertise, we help you to make the right decisions. And we avoid legal procedures whenever possible. This is in your interest.

Feel free to ask questions. Specialised or detailed questions, whether you need information or advice … Look at us as your own personal legal service: always in the neighbourhood, always ready to serve you, and always on your side.

Agio: expect more

Agio’ is investor jargon for extraordinary extra value. The term stands for the added value that an investor sees in certain stock, on top of the nominal value. With Agio, you’ll find that you too can expect more from your legal representatives: a thorough approach, peace of mind and reliable advice.

Corporate responsibility

At Agio, we believe that we have a social responsibility. This is why part of our profits go to a charity that we designate every year. By doing this we want to make a genuine difference.